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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 03:50

Jewels 4 Pools



Specialising in the supply and manufacture of crystal aggregate pool linings, Jewels 4 Pools offers a wide range of vibrantly-coloured finishes that are soft to touch and guaranteed to not fade.

This crystal pool lining requires minimal maintenance, is smooth on your feet, non-toxic, inexpensive and simply stunning. The company’s innovative geopolymer is a polymer additive, which has been designed specifically for pool renders containing glass or crystal. When used as directed, geopolymer can greatly increase the strength and workability of your pool’s render, while also reducing its permeability.

Backed by more than 30 years of industry experience, Jewels 4 Pools knows that a rough, untreated pool surface can lead to sore feet and ruined swimsuits. The company is committed to providing its customers with a product that is not only gentle on skin but is also aesthetically beautiful.

Tuesday, 05 April 2011 03:47

Cleardeck Systems

Thursday, 29 July 2010 23:25

Remco Australia Pty Ltd



Up to 50 per cent of drowning incidents among children under the age of five happen in residential swimming pools. For this reason, remco australia’s energy-efficient pool covers also include a range of exclusive safety features, so you can relax during your family barbecues, instead of being stressed about your children’s safety.

Designed to keep children, pets, and adults safe in the backyard, remco australia’s pool covers are durable, and can support the weight of an average-sized adult.

The company’s range of pool covers includes PoolGuard, coverstar, and Swimroll. all of these products are custom- made and can be fitted as an extra layer of protection to pools of any shape or size.

Made from heavy-duty materials, the covers are resistant to wear and tear and also generate heat and energy- savings. a pool cover from remco australia’s comprehensive range is a long-term safety investment that conserves water and heat and keeps the pool debris free.

The cover of choice for families, PoolGuard features self-sinking stainless steel connections that create tension and reinforce the cover. constructed from cross-woven polyester, PoolGuard is Pvc coated, uv stabilised, and protected with an antifungal treatment to ensure the cover remains mould-free. the PoolGuard cover can be operated manually or semi-automatically by one person, and ensures the water remains free of dirt and debris.

Coverstar, on the other hand, is a safety-enhanced automated pool cover system that eliminates the usual risks associated with poolside entertainment. the fully-automatic vinyl cover system is firmly fixed onto two tracks, is key operated, and rolls on and off in approximately 60 seconds for instant cover.

The last of remco australia’s innovative pool cover systems is Swimroll, which features a range of safety inclusions without compromising on style. the cover floats above a specially constructed safety ledge that is 50mm wide (in new pools). this automatic cover system can also be installed above or below ground for enhanced aesthetic appeal, with design options available for existing pools. constructed from high-grade Pvc or Polycarbonate extrusions, the panels are hollow to ensure high buoyancy. When fully closed, the cover can hold approximately 80 kilograms.

Specialising in motorised, automated, and multi-functional pool cover systems, remco australia operates throughout australia and New Zealand, and can assist with installations and custom fittings.

Thursday, 29 July 2010 06:26

Stern's Pools



This outdoor space needed to be a place for the family to relax throughout summer, while still accommodating the needs of young children. This pool, designed by Sterns Pools and built by Poolmaster Pools, includes a walk-in slimline step, which is great for the safety of little kids, and the parents can easily watch from the sidelines. The swimming pool was perfectly positioned to one side of the backyard, which ensures the kids have ample space to play on the large grassed area.

The timber decking perfectly complements the pool’s surroundings and gives it a relaxed and pleasant feeling. The entire area is large, spacious and ideal for year-round entertaining, particularly for large gatherings or families with young children.

The pool comes complete with high-quality technology, including a variable speed pump, glass media filtration and a Daisy solar blanket pool cover, which maximises heat retention and eliminates 97 per cent of pool water evaporation.

Sterns Pools has been manufacturing and supplying superior modular pools to Australian homes for more than three decades. A family-run company, the team is passionate about providing homeowners with the finest in modular pool design, to ensure satisfaction in their investment for years to come.

Proudly Australian, Sterns Pools’ products are manufactured locally using Australian steel. Thanks to its excellent quality and numerous awards, Sterns Pools’ designs have been exported worldwide, including to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific to meet the demands of a growing market.

Servicing across Western Australia, Poolmaster Pools specialises in modular vinyl swimming pools with steel/resin frames. Building approximately 150 pools per year, the company continues to deliver quality products and outstanding customer care. There’s a lot to consider throughout the pool design and construction process, but you’ll be in safe hands with both Sterns Pools and Poolmaster Pools at the helm.


Thursday, 29 July 2010 06:21

Ambience Eco Fires



Thursday, 29 July 2010 05:05

Cleva Quip

Thursday, 29 July 2010 04:55


Thursday, 29 July 2010 04:48

Astral Pool

Friday, 09 July 2010 06:25

Quality Pool Interior Supplies



Quality Pool Interior Supplies are used to create beautiful swimming pools every day, both locally and internationally. With a wide variety of colours available in all three products, any swimming pool can be completed to suit your design and budget requirements.

All products designed by Quality Pool Interior Supplies are based on sound pool knowledge. With a rich history within the pool industry for the past 35 years, from plastering to construction and renovations of swimming pools, Quality Pool Interior Supplies understand what is needed to make a good construction look great.

The staff at Quality Pool Interior Supplies has a sound knowledge of how a pool’s water colour can be affected by external influences and can help you to understand how to choose the correct colour and product that will suit your needs.


Monday, 10 May 2010 23:05

Aqua Action Slides



Aqua Action Slides take centre stage in the residential water slide department. A family operated and owned business, they pride themselves on having the best and safest water slides available.

The Wild Ride™ slide is the most flexible in the range, being able to fit into as small a space as 1.5m x 3m from the edge of your pool. With colour options of blue and tan, your slide will become an outstanding addition to your pool, or work as a special feature to any type of pool surround, either tropical or contemporary.

Aqua Action water slides feature a Zoom Flume™ water delivery system that pumps 120 litres of water per minute down the slide. Water is recirculated without upsetting the chemical balance of your pool. This system also saves water so is an important benefit when water restrictions are in effect.

Slide support systems, installation systems and equipment have been engineered with the highest strength and corrosion-resistant elements to meet the highest safety standards. Their water slides are manufactured with fully moulded steps and deep treads to prevent ‘slip-throughs’ when climbing up the ladder.

Aqua Action offer a variety of water slides to accommodate your needs and pool type. There is the Wild Ride™ for absolute splash excitement. Their ‘flume design’ runways contain the slider throughout their ride; with their deep U-shaped flume accommodating larger riders comfortably. The X-Stream™ slide is the perfect solution for backyard thrill seekers. This water slide is the only reversible, 2-turn residential slide in the industry and provides a fantastic water-filled ride. And for the ultimate thrill and excitement, the 360? G-Force™ slide takes the best features of the X-Stream™ slide to a new level. ‘Build your own slides’ have become a popular trend for dealing with tricky areas and small spaces.

Buying Aqua Action means buying a quality and safe water slide from a manufacturer with over 40 years of experience.


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