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Tuesday, 20 October 2015 00:53

What's Trending?

From striking finishes to artistic water, a pool no longer needs to be a purely functional aspect of your outdoor area. Homeowners are seeking pool areas that are truly spectacular, and with so many options, it’s time to get a little creative.

If your pool area is in need of some attention, there are many ways to renew and revive the space to make it beautiful.

Here, two prominent West-Australian designers share with Western Australian Pool + Outdoor Design the top three trends that every pool owner should consider.


Illusion spas are ‘hidden’ inside of the pool to create a reflective surface and a mirror- effect of its surrounds. The pool can be constructed and equipped for the water level to drop a few inches at the touch of a button, giving the impression that the spa is rising out of the pool. Stepping pillars or walkways can also be constructed just under the water line, providing the illusion of walking on water.


More pool owners are opting to include their lounging area within the pool instead of by the pool. Lounging or ‘Baja’ ledges are shallow platforms that work as an excellent alternative to a beach entry or steps. They are set quite shallow to allow for lounge chairs in the water without complete submersion and are the perfect place for people to relax. The ledge and shallow depth of the water also acts as a splash area for young kids. For a more playful style, bubbler jets and lighting can also be included.


If you want to add artistic flair to your outdoor area, consider incorporating moving water into your pool design. This includes spectacular water features and beautiful fountains, waterfalls, wall accents, rain walls, jets, and bubblers. Many of these features can also include LED lighting, which helps to transform the pool area into a romantic oasis or family-fun water park. Automation and mobile controlling of these moveable water installations provide added convenience and luxury. There are now also energy-efficient pumps available, which allow speeds to be set and timed to produce a fountain of water that can be just a few inches or up to five metres high.


From simple geometric profiles to freeform pebble pools, there are so many pool designs to choose from. The current trend, however, is a contemporary design that is simple and uncomplicated. This minimalism allows homeowners to create an impact with chunky square edges, monochromatic colours and unusual interiors. For additional luxury you can also create a relaxing entertainment area with striking paving options, where you can sit back and unwind.


As exterior spaces get smaller, more Australians are considering different ways to most effectively utilise their area. Swim spas and plunge pools are the perfect way to provide a cool relief during summer and a warm escape during winter. They are compact, easy to maintain and flexible in their design.

If you want the luxury of a spa and a pool but do not have the space, you can opt to incorporate a spa within the pool. The pool and spa can be built at the same level to appear as though they are one, or you can choose a cascading effect by elevating the spa above the pool. With pool design, size does matter, so make sure you choose the best option for your space.


Not long ago, the options available for pool finishing were very limited. This is no longer the case, however, as plain blue mosaics have developed into a huge range of colours. Glitter chips are also being incorporated to provide a beautifully coloured finish that shimmers in the sunlight. Demand for charcoal and grey colours and custom-blended colours have additionally continued to grow.


Tuesday, 20 October 2015 00:48

Life's a Beach

Stop dreaming of a tropical resort and turn your outdoor area into your own private paradise by installing a beach-entry designed pool! Bojana Lazarevska discovers how to create maximum impact without having to incorporate clunky pool steps.

If you want your home to feel like a paradise, one that makes you feel like you’re on holiday 24/7, then a beach-entry designed pool might be just for you. A beach-entry, or zero-entry, allows the comfort of a gradually sloped entrance that descends into the pool as you wade deeper. This type of entry mimics the manner of an actual beach, minus the strangers and crashing waves.

A beach-entry design can be an extremely practical addition to your pool, as it allows ease of entry for the elderly, children, or anyone with accessibility issues – and they are pleasing to the eyes too! Here, we provide some great reasons to invest in a beach-entry designed pool.


One of the best features of this type of entry is its gradual slope from the ground level into the water. Most beach entries don’t require any stairs or ladders, making it a much easier and safer way for swimmers to enter the pool. Not only is this comforting news for both the elderly and very young, but also for those who are prone to tripping and sliding.

While most beach entries don’t require steps, pool owners can choose to have an initial gradual slope into the pool, and utilise steps to allow for a quicker descent into the deep-end. The incorporation of steps from a beach entry is a fantastic alternative, as it encourages the choice between safe frolicking in the shallow-end of the slope, and a more serious swim in deeper water.

The entry of the pool can also act as an enjoyable and safe area for youngsters to play, as it means they don’t have to be fully immersed in the water in order to enjoy the pool. As a bonus, the shallowness of a beach-entry can also allow for sunbathing and relaxation – much like your favourite beach.


To really turn your backyard into a holiday oasis, it’s a good idea to incorporate some natural elements into the aesthetic in order to complete the effect of a beach-entry design.

To achieve this, you can include features such as sand, pebbles, rocks and even waterfalls to make it feel like you’re visiting your own private paradise. Rocks tend to be coarser than other interior materials, and can provide swimmers with a sturdier surface to step on. Plus, rock features have the look and feel of nature.

If you’re intent on turning your backyard into your own private beach, consider adding a sand finish to your concrete. This type of finish boasts the look of white sand, minus the frustration of finding it in annoying places!

Adding waterfalls and tropical plants to the pool’s design and landscaping will really emphasise the resort-like feel you wish to achieve. A swimming pool bar, chaise longues and an umbrella will pair brilliantly with the beach-entry design and will really make it feel like you’re on a vacation at home.


Beach-entry pools sound like a dream – who doesn’t want a private, tropical oasis in their own backyard? – but there are a few practical things to ponder before sipping on those pin?a coladas.

If you’re considering installing a pool and have invested time and money into the idea, a zero- entry pool will suit you perfectly. However, if you’re after a design that’s more cost-effective, a traditional pool may be friendlier to your wallet. Furthermore, not all swimming pool contractors offer zero-entry designs, and those that do are sure to charge a premium price.

Likewise, pool owners need to ensure they put thought into the size, shape and slope of their backyard. Beach-entry pools are generally suited to large backyards, as extra space is needed to accommodate the gradual slope of the entry itself. Where the pool is located and which way it’s going to face is also vital when trying to prevent slipping.

If size is an issue for your outdoor space, consider a beach-entry design that slopes gradually at first, but includes steps that enable you to descend into deeper water.

If you have small children or animals, it would be wise to take a few extra safety precautions when installing a zero-entry pool. This type of design makes immersion into the water much easier, however, you also want to make sure you’re there to keep an eye on pets and children. Constructing a fence around the perimeter of the pool is not only the law, but is vital to restricting unauthorised access to those who like to wade around in the shallow end of the pool.

If you have the space and budget, it’s hard to beat a beach-entry designed pool. They’re as fun as they are visually appealing, and you’ll save money on airplane tickets by foregoing an overseas holiday in favour of a staycation.


Monday, 19 October 2015 03:50

Shade FX



For more than 20 years, ShadeFX has been Perth’s leading specialist in tensioned shade sail products. The company’s attention to detail and nationally recognised superior quality means that ShadeFX can offer shade sails unlike any other.

As a boutique product supplier, ShadeFX prides itself on leading the way in the design, supply, project management and installation of quality shade sails in Western Australia.

The ShadeFX shade sail’s unique Designer DeanO Fabric Tensioning System (FTS) is drum-tight, maintenance-free and long-lasting. The company guarantees your shade sail will stay up all year, every year – making it one of the easiest ways to shelter your backyard.

Homeowners in Perth need help battling the harsh West-Australian sun, and with growing awareness of the damage sun can cause, it has become even more important to protect yourself and your family.

Dean Woodham and Brodie Hall are the owners, designers and projects managers of ShadeFX. They have lived in Western Australia all their lives so they understand the environment and know the local area.

The team at ShadeFX has a true passion for its work, which is evident in its functional, attractive and nationally recognised shade sail projects. Woodham and Hall believe the design and construction of a shade sail requires excellent attention to detail and creativity.

The company owners provide a fresh look on shade sail designs that pushes the boundaries in the latest shade concepts. With a wealth of experience, Woodham and Hall understand that a shade sail is a true work of art.

This proudly West-Australian company produces highly respected and praised shade sails that are the perfect solution for your backyard.


Monday, 19 October 2015 03:20

Designer Plants



The owners of this property recently completed building their new family home and while the alfresco area features a striking custom-designed pool and water feature, it lacked space for garden beds.

The owners wanted a simple solution without the hassle of planter boxes, reticulation and ongoing maintenance, so they chose Designer Plants’ hedge panels.

The life-like ivy hedge panels instantly transformed the alfresco area by softening the rendered brick walls, and adding a touch of greenery to the outdoor space.

The hedge panels are supplied in one-metre square sections, however the sections can be cut to size, and the plug and lug system makes it easy to attach them to one another. The product is also UV-treated, making it resistant to sun damage, and comes with a five-year guarantee that it won’t fade or crack in the Western Australian climate.

Designer Plants specialises in artificial green walls and hedge screenings, which are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. With the growing trend of adding greenery to office spaces, cafe?s and restaurants, this realistic alternative can be easily created with no added maintenance costs.

The hedge panels are also ideal for properties that have windows close to boundary walls, as the panels soften the appearance of brick, timber or metal fences and create an attractive screen between you and your neighbours.

For seven years, Australian-owned company Designer Plants has been supplying faux hedge screening for residential and commercial properties across the country. Now open in Perth and with a wide range of leaf varieties and custom sizing available on request, Designer Plants will have the solution for you.


Monday, 19 October 2015 03:10

Country Earth



This distinctive Avant garde imperial sandstone paving by country earth was the feature of the pool and spa edging for this property. the sawn and etched bullnose sandstone is a beautifully refined natural stone paver that really brings together the outdoor area.

The owners wanted a visually attractive space that still provided functionality in a confined area. country earth’s sandstone paving achieved this perfectly as it created a warm finish that complemented the design of the pool.

Plinths were also placed through the pool to enable access to the other side and allow maximum use of the area. dolphin Pools designed and built the pool, while country earth worked with the owners to provide the striking paving style and layout. country earth’s assistance was crucial as the spa edging was curved in design, which called for precision manufacturing and installation.

Country earth manufactures and supplies a wide range of natural stone and man-made products. the company specialises in supplying unique natural stone paving, cladding and walling, combined with professional landscape installation. renovating old entertaining areas, gardens and pools are a major focus of the business.

John cory established the company more than 35 years ago and is proud to consistently achieve a successful result by balancing the clients’ dreams with the team’s expertise.

He still leads the company with his experience in all aspects of landscaping; from products and plants to design and installation. his passion for great results and customer service has ensured his longevity in the industry. country earth works in the Perth metropolitan and hills area, completing approximately 20–30 projects a year.



Friday, 16 October 2015 05:15

CGI Solutions



CGI Solutions uses Microfine Chemical Grout to stabilise unstable structures and deep excavation areas. The low- impact grout injection method is suitable for use in sites of various depths and widths, and can be used in and around new or established pools, for retaining walls and to repair water-damaged areas.

The chemical used for the microfine chemical grout injection is a harmless plasticiser that is environmentally- friendly and doesn’t harm the surrounding vegetation. This method is generally used in sandy soil areas as it will not penetrate clay, limestone or rock. Manufactured from quality Australian-made materials that adhere to strict quality management standards, CGI Solutions never compromises on quality and ensures all work is completed to its clients’ exacting standards.

Proudly Western Australian-owned and -operated, CGI Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry, and is an established and reputable microfine chemical grout injection, underpinning, and retaining provider. CGI Solutions goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service in the land development, mining, industrial and construction sectors.

The company completes free initial site visits to assess each job and determine whether it is suitable for the team to complete. If an engineer is required, one will be commissioned to assist with a retaining installation, underpinning or a repair job.

CGI Solutions specialises in temporarily strengthening the foundations of a house using the microfine chemical grout injection method. This superior method is a quick and cost-effective approach to a provisional retaining process that continues to grow in demand. This growth is because unlike other methods, such as shore pilling and core pilling, microfine grout injection does not require potentially damaging vibrations that can have harmful effects on the surrounding environment.

Over his career, owner of CGI Solutions Ashley Huf has established a solid understanding of, and a proficient reputation in his ability to get the job done in all types of conditions and environments. CGI Solutions provides professional customised solutions, competitive prices, quality service and outstanding workmanship.


Sunday, 11 October 2015 23:33

Exclusive Pools by Neo Concrete Pools



This incredibly versatile pool is perfect for the homeowners and will continue to entertain as the family grows. With its various sections, including shallow and deep wading areas, bench seating, and an illusion spa, this pool fits in perfectly with the family’s lifestyle.

The inclusion of emaux HP21 heat pump and Viron 250 gas heater allows for year-round use of the pool and spa, and a Zodiac filter with glass media and Flopro ePump ensures the pool stays crystal clear. A Jandy one- touch system controls the equipment from within the home and adds greater convenience to the pool.

Started by nick Ayres in 2009, neo Concrete Pools’ ‘exclusive Pools’ division works with builders, landscapers and architects to build award-winning, custom-designed pools. Predominantly building in Western Australia’s central and southern suburbs, the award-winning company provides complete project management and a personalised service.

With a commitment to quality, integrity, and attention to detail, it is clear why this company has won numerous awards, including gold at the 2015 swimming Pool and spa Association (sPAsA) Awards of excellence for Best Pool and spa Combination, as well as gold and silver in the Residential Concrete Pools over $100,000 category.


Tuesday, 14 April 2015 05:05

Vision Fencing



Vision Fencing is Perth’s largest fencing wholesaler, carrying an extensive range of glass components suitable for pool fencing and glass balustrading systems. the company stocks a range of toughened glass panels in varying shapes and sizes, as well as commercial quantities of powder-coated posts for semi-frameless glass systems.

The wholesaler stocks both fully-frameless and semi-frameless glass systems. Fully-frameless glass systems involve anchor spigots being grouted into core-drilled holes in the ground. these spigots have specially designed clamps, where sheets of glass are lowered then clamped into position and adjusted.

Semi-frameless glass systems allow aluminium or stainless steel posts to be concreted into core-drilled holes in the ground. the aluminium posts have specially designed channels in them, which sheets of glass are fitted into and then glazed to hold them in position. the stainless steel post uses a diaphragm clamp system to hold the glass in place.

Vision Fencing prides itself on providing high-quality products, competitive prices and unparalleled service. the company pays more for goods to ensure only the highest standard is delivered to its customers. the products are engineer-designed in collaboration with end users to ensure that the quality and design of the products exceeds expectations. it also holds one of the widest ranges of accessories to give you the best choice on quality products.

If you are looking to install your own fence, Vision Fencing is able to walk you through the process from concept to design and installation. if you are looking for a fully installed solution, the team can arrange that as well.



Monday, 13 April 2015 04:20

Perth Concrete Pools



This stunning pool is set amongst the trees and offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of life. With an infinity edge that looks out to the horizon of Roleystone bushland, this sleek and modern pool provides the perfect combination of relaxation and sophistication.

The clean lines, mosaic waterline tiles, and exposed wall of the pool provide added aesthetic appeal. The clients had an idea of what they wanted, including the size and location of the pool, but the team at Perth Concrete Pools assisted them with developing their design.

The feature wall of timber and silver-polished headers helps this pool stand out from the crowd and adds an extra ‘wow’ factor to the area. This eye-catching design also creates a stunning contrast between the intense blue of the pool and the vivid green of the surrounding bushland.

Perth Concrete Pools is a family-owned and -operated business that is highly-skilled and equipped to build aesthetically-pleasing, custom-designed concrete pools and spas.

Having worked alongside some of Western Australia’s leading pool companies, builder Aaron Warner encompasses the knowledge and professionalism that has propelled Perth Concrete Pools into becoming a major competitor within the concrete pool industry. Aaron’s wife, shannan, takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service to every client, the pair aim to build a legacy that their children can be proud of.

A commitment to providing clients with outstanding customer service and exceptionally well-built concrete pools will ensure your next project with Perth Concrete Pools will be an impressive one.


Monday, 13 April 2015 04:02

Tropical Pools



This particular project called for a pool that met not only the homeowners’ requirements, but the entire family’s needs. Exercise, fun and relaxation were among the key motivators behind this client investing in a pool, and what resulted certainly did not disappoint.

The outdoor area is visual mastery, blending indoor and outdoor elements in the one space. The magnificent design literally wraps around the alfresco, with its water features and spa specifically placed to be viewed from the outdoor entertaining area.

A 15m x 2.5m lap pool intertwines with a 5.5m x 3m ‘big kids’ play pool, as well as a 2.7m x 2.7m ‘little kids’ play pool with an air-grid for bubble-making. Additionally, the project features a raised spa for both adults and children to enjoy. The entire design is controlled via an LED touchscreen located in the alfresco area in order to control the settings as efficiently and conveniently as possible.

The new brick and rendered boundary wall is certainly among one of the stand-out features of the pool, featuring intricate mosaic tiled feature panels, rain effect waterblades and LED uplights to illuminate. Five multi-coloured LED lights have also been incorporated into the pool and spa’s interior to encourage a sense of fun into the outdoor space.

Every project designed by Tropical Pools is personally managed by its owners, who treat their designs as if they are building within their own backyard. This ensures that every client benefits from dealing with one point of contact throughout the entire process. It is through this that Tropical Pools inevitably builds an invaluable rapport with each client, going so far as to enjoy a barbecue with the happy homeowners after the job has been completed!

With more than 25 years in the concrete pool design industry, Tropical Pools understands that an investment like a pool is a serious decision that requires a genuine commitment, so the company will take the time necessary to ensure the pool’s design fits the client’s desires exactly.

Using state-of-the-art technology, including a personalised Tropical Pools app to monitor schedules, selections and budget for specific projects, the company is destined to be the perfect pick for your next project.


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