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Life's a Beach

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Life's a Beach

Stop dreaming of a tropical resort and turn your outdoor area into your own private paradise by installing a beach-entry designed pool! Bojana Lazarevska discovers how to create maximum impact without having to incorporate clunky pool steps.

If you want your home to feel like a paradise, one that makes you feel like you’re on holiday 24/7, then a beach-entry designed pool might be just for you. A beach-entry, or zero-entry, allows the comfort of a gradually sloped entrance that descends into the pool as you wade deeper. This type of entry mimics the manner of an actual beach, minus the strangers and crashing waves.

A beach-entry design can be an extremely practical addition to your pool, as it allows ease of entry for the elderly, children, or anyone with accessibility issues – and they are pleasing to the eyes too! Here, we provide some great reasons to invest in a beach-entry designed pool.


One of the best features of this type of entry is its gradual slope from the ground level into the water. Most beach entries don’t require any stairs or ladders, making it a much easier and safer way for swimmers to enter the pool. Not only is this comforting news for both the elderly and very young, but also for those who are prone to tripping and sliding.

While most beach entries don’t require steps, pool owners can choose to have an initial gradual slope into the pool, and utilise steps to allow for a quicker descent into the deep-end. The incorporation of steps from a beach entry is a fantastic alternative, as it encourages the choice between safe frolicking in the shallow-end of the slope, and a more serious swim in deeper water.

The entry of the pool can also act as an enjoyable and safe area for youngsters to play, as it means they don’t have to be fully immersed in the water in order to enjoy the pool. As a bonus, the shallowness of a beach-entry can also allow for sunbathing and relaxation – much like your favourite beach.


To really turn your backyard into a holiday oasis, it’s a good idea to incorporate some natural elements into the aesthetic in order to complete the effect of a beach-entry design.

To achieve this, you can include features such as sand, pebbles, rocks and even waterfalls to make it feel like you’re visiting your own private paradise. Rocks tend to be coarser than other interior materials, and can provide swimmers with a sturdier surface to step on. Plus, rock features have the look and feel of nature.

If you’re intent on turning your backyard into your own private beach, consider adding a sand finish to your concrete. This type of finish boasts the look of white sand, minus the frustration of finding it in annoying places!

Adding waterfalls and tropical plants to the pool’s design and landscaping will really emphasise the resort-like feel you wish to achieve. A swimming pool bar, chaise longues and an umbrella will pair brilliantly with the beach-entry design and will really make it feel like you’re on a vacation at home.


Beach-entry pools sound like a dream – who doesn’t want a private, tropical oasis in their own backyard? – but there are a few practical things to ponder before sipping on those pin?a coladas.

If you’re considering installing a pool and have invested time and money into the idea, a zero- entry pool will suit you perfectly. However, if you’re after a design that’s more cost-effective, a traditional pool may be friendlier to your wallet. Furthermore, not all swimming pool contractors offer zero-entry designs, and those that do are sure to charge a premium price.

Likewise, pool owners need to ensure they put thought into the size, shape and slope of their backyard. Beach-entry pools are generally suited to large backyards, as extra space is needed to accommodate the gradual slope of the entry itself. Where the pool is located and which way it’s going to face is also vital when trying to prevent slipping.

If size is an issue for your outdoor space, consider a beach-entry design that slopes gradually at first, but includes steps that enable you to descend into deeper water.

If you have small children or animals, it would be wise to take a few extra safety precautions when installing a zero-entry pool. This type of design makes immersion into the water much easier, however, you also want to make sure you’re there to keep an eye on pets and children. Constructing a fence around the perimeter of the pool is not only the law, but is vital to restricting unauthorised access to those who like to wade around in the shallow end of the pool.

If you have the space and budget, it’s hard to beat a beach-entry designed pool. They’re as fun as they are visually appealing, and you’ll save money on airplane tickets by foregoing an overseas holiday in favour of a staycation.


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