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From striking finishes to artistic water, a pool no longer needs to be a purely functional aspect of your outdoor area. Homeowners are seeking pool areas that are truly spectacular, and with so many options, it’s time to get a little creative.

If your pool area is in need of some attention, there are many ways to renew and revive the space to make it beautiful.

Here, two prominent West-Australian designers share with Western Australian Pool + Outdoor Design the top three trends that every pool owner should consider.


Illusion spas are ‘hidden’ inside of the pool to create a reflective surface and a mirror- effect of its surrounds. The pool can be constructed and equipped for the water level to drop a few inches at the touch of a button, giving the impression that the spa is rising out of the pool. Stepping pillars or walkways can also be constructed just under the water line, providing the illusion of walking on water.


More pool owners are opting to include their lounging area within the pool instead of by the pool. Lounging or ‘Baja’ ledges are shallow platforms that work as an excellent alternative to a beach entry or steps. They are set quite shallow to allow for lounge chairs in the water without complete submersion and are the perfect place for people to relax. The ledge and shallow depth of the water also acts as a splash area for young kids. For a more playful style, bubbler jets and lighting can also be included.


If you want to add artistic flair to your outdoor area, consider incorporating moving water into your pool design. This includes spectacular water features and beautiful fountains, waterfalls, wall accents, rain walls, jets, and bubblers. Many of these features can also include LED lighting, which helps to transform the pool area into a romantic oasis or family-fun water park. Automation and mobile controlling of these moveable water installations provide added convenience and luxury. There are now also energy-efficient pumps available, which allow speeds to be set and timed to produce a fountain of water that can be just a few inches or up to five metres high.


From simple geometric profiles to freeform pebble pools, there are so many pool designs to choose from. The current trend, however, is a contemporary design that is simple and uncomplicated. This minimalism allows homeowners to create an impact with chunky square edges, monochromatic colours and unusual interiors. For additional luxury you can also create a relaxing entertainment area with striking paving options, where you can sit back and unwind.


As exterior spaces get smaller, more Australians are considering different ways to most effectively utilise their area. Swim spas and plunge pools are the perfect way to provide a cool relief during summer and a warm escape during winter. They are compact, easy to maintain and flexible in their design.

If you want the luxury of a spa and a pool but do not have the space, you can opt to incorporate a spa within the pool. The pool and spa can be built at the same level to appear as though they are one, or you can choose a cascading effect by elevating the spa above the pool. With pool design, size does matter, so make sure you choose the best option for your space.


Not long ago, the options available for pool finishing were very limited. This is no longer the case, however, as plain blue mosaics have developed into a huge range of colours. Glitter chips are also being incorporated to provide a beautifully coloured finish that shimmers in the sunlight. Demand for charcoal and grey colours and custom-blended colours have additionally continued to grow.


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