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Sustainability Without Sacrifice

Sustainability Without Sacrifice
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Perth homes are all about balancing the need for infill. Small blocks shouldn’t have to miss out on entertaining in Western Australia’s magnificent weather; modern outdoor spaces have become achievable with self-sustainable gardening. Vertical and rooftop gardens provide attractive screening, insulation and environmental control in very small spaces. Martin Cuthbert Landscape Architecture is the only authorised suppliers and installers in Western Australia of Fytogreen products.

Martin Cuthbert Landscape Architecture’s vertical and rooftop gardens can transform your outdoor space into a luxurious oasis. The gardens are designed to satisfy your desire to grow your own vegetables and herbs, create private areas that provide intimate outdoor entertaining, or simply for your own pleasure.

Vertical gardens create microclimates that shield spaces from heat, air pollution and noise, and reduce water usage that is relative to crop production. They improve your neighbourhood environment by providing a habitat for local fauna such as bees, butterflies and birds, and can also help to maintain biodiversity.


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