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Lightingales Featured

  • Address: 269 Stirling Highway, Claremont
  • Phone: (08) 9383 1099



For more than 30 years, the Lightingales name has been associated with both luxurious and practical lighting designs. The company’s product range is highly sought-after by landscape designers and builders to complement the homes they present to their clients.

Outdoor LED (light emitting diode) lighting offers many benefits to homeowners. LED lighting lasts longer than incandescent lighting, is up to 80 per cent more efficient, comes in a range of colours and runs at very low temperatures.

Lightingales has seen the popularity of LED lighting grow at a never before seen rate, now ranking as the preferred choice for outdoor lighting. With exponential growth, new LED products are being developed for pool lighting, garden lighting, underwater lighting, path lighting and general feature lighting.

LEDs come with an IP67 rating and as high as IP68 (underwater), making them one of the most versatile lighting options available. As LED is a low-voltage light source it can therefore be used safely around the pool and in the open weather.

LED lights are perfect for the garden. They provide low-level lighting that is cost-efficient in both the power that the lights consume and the longevity of the light bulbs. Homeowners can install these lights and enjoy them for years before they need to have the bulbs replaced.

Outdoor LED lighting is available in many different styles, including flood lighting, spot lighting, in-ground lighting and underwater lighting, with a choice of beam angles, brightness and colours.

Having the ability to use LED coloured lighting (RGB) in pool and landscape design has provided designers and landscape architects with many more alternatives to accentuate features. Effective garden lighting needs to create a mood, and can do so by using a range of colours, which can be easily programmed and controlled in real time.

RGB LED lights offer all of these features, combined with a number of specifications that improve safety and take advantage of their eco-friendly energy profile.

For assistance in sourcing and selecting the right look for your home, take your plans into Lightingales for a free consultation to choose your lighting. Contact the team at Lightingales in Claremont today or visit the company’s website.

Photos featured are products from Hillstone Architectural Lighting.