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Duraquartz has been developed over a 12 year period by a Western Australian, family-owned and operated business to suit Western Australian conditions.

The aim was to manufacture a strong, durable finish with virtually limitless choices of long lasting colours. This goal has been achieved by sourcing local quartz aggregates and combining them with the best coloured quartz and oxides available in the world today, which are imported from the USA.

When building a new pool, or renovating an old one, it is important to give careful consideration to the colour of the pool interior. This will be the centrepiece of most landscaping projects and the colour of the pool will ultimately tie all the landscaping and architectural elements together.

The beauty of going with a local product is that the company has the flexibility to tailor a colour to suit your requirements, and the product is backed up by the experienced staff. Duraquartz is supplied by Pool Building Supplies in Osborne Park. The friendly staff welcomes customers to come in and view the extensive range of colour choices.

The sub-contractors responsible for the multi-million dollar upgrades of the swimming pools at the Burswood Casino, now known as Crown Metropol, wanted a durable, one-of-a-kind finish. Eventually their search led them to Duraquartz, as it was the product best capable of meeting their requirements.

A sparkling, rich blue was achieved using an unusually high percentage of its high quality coloured aggregate with minimal use of oxide, and the results are simply stunning.

Nearly 1000 square metres of Duraquartz has been lovingly applied to the surfaces of three pools. Two of these are new constructions, whilst the third and largest pool is a renovation, highlighting the versatility of Duraquartz to meet any requirements in the concrete swimming pool industry in Western Australia.