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Aqua Bright is a revolutionary new pool finish that takes the stress out of putting the final touches on your newly built or freshly renovated pool. This highly durable new product from EcoFinish, distributed nationally by Waterblade Australia, is resistant to chipping, peeling and scratching and can combat wear and tear.

Unlike cement-based finishes that may risk deterioration from poor water chemistry, Aqua Bright is a pH-neutral surface that can handle normal variations in pool chemistry without adverse effects to the finish. This will make the pool easier to maintain, and will also require less annual chemical consumption.

Approved for installation in pools and spas heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, Aqua Bright is resistant to blistering, peeling, cracking and other signs of deterioration such as stains. Made from a strong, yet very flexible, polymeric material, the Aqua Bright pool finish will stretch up to 200 per cent before it ruptures or tears. The material forms a complete layer when applied to your pool, meaning there are no pores for algae, calcium, rust or other staining agents to imbed into.

Aqua Bright comes in eleven different colours, ranging from commercial pool white tones to very dark blues and blacks. All colours are blended to create speckled finishes in variations of white, brown, blue, or grey/black tones that resemble a granite surface when applied. With a custom colour service now available, you can have Aqua Bright made-to-order in virtually any colour you desire.

With a range of eco-friendly features – Aqua Bright requires less energy resources to manufacture and transport than most cement-based pool finishes – this outstanding pool finish will help significantly reduce your pool costs, both in the short- and long- term.