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West Coast Swimming Pool Liners
  • Address: 2/236 Star Street, Carlisle
  • Phone: (08) 9470 1244
  • Fax: (08) 9470 1255



West Coast Swimming Pool Liners combines many years of experience in manufacturing pool liners and the development of leading conversion techniques. This has led the company to become Western Australia’s most sought after pool liner installation specialist.

West Coast Swimming Pool Liners has built a reputation for unsurpassed quality in the provision of custom-made above- and below-ground pool liners. The company can install liners in new pools, ponds and water features, renovate an older pool, and convert from concrete to hard-wearing vinyl.

With a strong vision to ensure that the fitting of each liner is above standard, West Coast Swimming Pool Liners has developed a specialised technique, unique in the industry, where the lining appears almost seamless.

Whether installing a new liner or undertaking a complex conversion, West Coast Swimming Pool Liners’ attention to detail will ensure that the result is perfect.

No challenge is too great for the company, who often takes on projects that have been rejected by other companies due to the complex nature of modification. West Coast Swimming Pool Liners prides itself on the opportunity to work on such projects and has come to specialise in concrete conversion pools.

The company’s services include adding on new returns, new jets and plumbing, or carrying out repairs to existing pools where the liners need to be repaired or changed. Whatever the size or type of pool, West Coast Swimming Pool Liners will assess the structural requirements and provide the right solution to ensure both aesthetic perfection and long-term durability for your pool.