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Deluxe Pool Heating Featured

Deluxe Pool Heating
  • Phone: 1300 669 047
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Deluxe Pool Heating is renowned for installing a professional finished product. The company has exclusivity on its excellent quality products and has the highest installation standard in the industry. This is the reason Guildford Grammar School selected Deluxe Pool Heating to install solar heating to the 50-metre Olympic pool in the secondary school complex.

Guildford Grammar School wanted to extend the swimming time in the main pool, to benefit its swimming programs. It was important that the system be both cost-effective and without severe aesthetic impact. Together with Deluxe Pool Heating, two locations were found to provide the necessary surface area.

The Australian Standard for pool heating systems requires a minimum equivalent of 80 per cent surface area in a solar collector. Deluxe Pool Heating prefers to install 100 per cent, and sometimes more, of the pool surface area to ensure the longest possible swimming time.

As found in the featured project, the company exclusively designed an 18-tube PVC nitrile collector. The 18-tube design is the highest density tubing of any pool heating system on the market. As a consequence, the material has more heat potential per metre. The PVC allows it to be chemically stable and will not react with the chemicals in pool water. The nitrile additive to the PVC gives the material its UV stability, which allows the company to put a 15-year warranty on the collector.

Deluxe Pool Heating is the Western Australian agent for Solatherm, a top-of-the-line, fully enclosed panel system. With a similar look and efficiency to solar hot water panels, the product provides a very slick-looking and effective solution, using about 66 per cent less surface area than traditional matting systems.

Deluxe Pool Heating has been operating for 18 years, completing around 250 residential and five commercial projects all over Western Australia each year.