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Flolux is a proudly Western Australian company that manufactures 316 stainless steel fittings for concrete and fibreglass swimming pools. Fitting pools and spas for residential and commercial pool owners and builders, Flolux stainless steel fittings provide a superior finish for all clients at a great price.

Design is central to the company’s philosophy. With contemporary designs and a polished finish on the highquality stainless steel, Flolux fittings are as much about being noticed as they are about complementing your pool or spa’s design and finish. Each fitting can be used for a new or existing pool, and is designed to maximise its role in pool plumbing and filtration, whether through design safety and suction capacity or through directional water flow.

A family-owned company, Flolux was formed after managing director Chris Adams went from working in highend concrete pool construction to becoming a product supplier. Adams recognised that the existing plastic fittings didn’t complement the superior finish of pool constructions and designs, so began manufacturing sophisticated stainless steel fittings that don’t compromise on quality.