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Pool Controls

Pool Controls Pool Controls
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Pool controls specialises in automated pool sanitation systems, supplying a comprehensive range that includes everything from monitored chemical feeder systems to chlorinators for salt or mineral salt pools.

The Gemini twin System represents the ultimate in salt or mineral water control. using a probe to control pH levels, it puts an end to over-chlorination. too much chlorine in a pool can bleach pool blankets and even damage fibreglass pool shells, so finding the right balance is essential. the Gemini twin System also comes with a chlorine feed system, which can boost sanitation when needed, reduce pump running times and limit energy consumption.

Pool controls’ chemigem d10 Water Management System is one of the fastest, most efficient sanitation products on the market. the system effectively balances water chemistry, which will save you time and money, while also ensuring your pool is safe and pleasurable to swim in year-round. the chemigem d10 Water Management System uses a multi-electrode to analyse water chemistry and determine how much liquid chlorine and pool acid needs to be added to the water. it continually delivers precise chemical doses, to maintain water balance quickly and efficiently.

Pool controls also manufactures a complete range of salt water chlorinators – the SG Series. each SG Series chlorinator comes with reverse polarity cells – a self-cleaning function – which generates chlorine from dissolved salt. the company also produces an SG Mineral chlorinator that is configured to work with mineral salts, such as magnesium chloride. Pool controls has also introduced the extra low Salt (XlS) model, which effectively sanitises pools with low concentrations of salt.

With more than 36 years of experience in the industry, Pool controls is one of few companies that is still 100 per cent australian-owned. all of the company’s products are made in Western australia, and come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty on domestic installations, plus a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on genuine spare parts.

Producing a broad range of innovative equipment, Pool controls is well-versed in all things sanitation, and can offer expert advice on what system will suit your needs.

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When first selecting a pool, the topic of pool sanitation is seldom a priority. However, over the lifetime of a pool,correct sanitation can have a massive impact in terms of safety, maintenance costs and protection of your investment.Pool Controls specialises in automated sanitisation systems and produces a full range of options including salt waterchlorinators, monitored chemical feeder systems and a new chlorine-free alternative.

Pool Controls’ flagship product is undoubtedly the Chemigen D10 Water Management System, which is one of thefastest and most efficient methods of pool sanitation on the market. It uses a multi-electrode to analyse waterchemistry and determine how much liquid chlorine and pool acid to add to the water. It makes the task of balancing swimming pool chemistry manageable, saving pool owners time and money.

Pool Controls also manufactures a full range of saltwater chorinators with varying degrees of sophistication, ranging from a simple unit that you turn on as required to models that automatically control the pH of the water and produce chlorine. Having the pH of your pool water correct is vital to ensure optimum sanitation is maintained.

The Gemini Twin System represents the ultimate in salt or mineral water control, utilising a probe to control pH levels of chlorine production. The Gemini Twin System puts an end to over-chlorination, which frequently occurs over the winter months. This system comes with an additional liquid chlorine feed system to boost sanitation if needed, and can be set up to reduce pump running times, saving energy and costs.

While the use of chlorine is a tried-and-true method of pool sanitation, it is not suitable for everyone. People that suffer from allergies aggravated by halogens such as chlorine may prefer the Aqua Fresh dosing system that uses a different method of sanitation. Using an active ingredient called PHMB, which is also used as a disinfectant in pharmaceuticals, it’s a safe alternative to chlorine that results in outstanding water clarity.

Pool Controls has been manufacturing quality equipment for more than 30 years. All Pool Controls products are made in Western Australia and come with a two-year warranty. With such a broad range of equipment, Pool Controls offers balanced advice about the best pool sanitation system for your pool.