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Pool Solar and Spa

Pool Solar and Spa
  • Address: 2/10 Enterprise Crescent, Malaga
  • Phone: (08) 9209 1462
  • Fax: (08) 9209 1139
  • Mobile: 0411 478 320



There’s no point in having a beautiful swimming pool if it is too cold to enjoy! Harness the free energy of the sun and enjoy your pool for longer with one of Pool Solar & Spa’s custom-designed pool heating systems.

Solar heating is the most effective and efficient way to heat your swimming pool. A correctly sized and properly installed solar system could effectively double the length of your swimming season.

The technology is basic and simple – transfer the sun’s heat from your roof to your swimming pool. The efficiency of a solar heating system for your pool is extremely high, as it is not trying to convert the sun’s heat to some other form of energy.

All Pool Solar & Spa systems are high quality, custom-made and professionally installed, and meet or exceed the Australian standards for both installation and quality of materials used.

The premium quality, hi-tech, Australian-made solar collectors used today are undoubtedly the best in the world. These materials are made to stand up to the harsh Western Australian conditions, and are second to none.

Over the years the company has seen some fancy and expensive products for pool solar heating. Most of these systems work for a while before they pack up, leak, and/or require expensive surgery. A good quality, and properly installed solar heating system should give you many years of trouble-free service.

Pool Solar & Spa’s greatest asset is its commitment to quality in installations, the materials that are used and the backup service. Over 80 per cent of the company’s new customers are referred by existing customers.

The visual impact of a solar system on your roof can be minimised using a colour matched solar collector. A new concept of colour matching solar collectors is the Venetian style of solar collectors. This style of solar collector reduces the visual impact of a solar system on the roof whilst retaining the benefits of a black collector collecting maximum heat.

Why not combine solar and gas, or solar with a heat pump? Pool Solar & Spa has considerable experience in designing systems that work in combination with one another. The company has purpose-built, computerised control systems that will keep your pool at a constant temperature by maximising the solar energy available and minimising your booster system, saving you considerable amounts of money on running costs.

Whatever your solar pool heating needs, Pool Solar & Spa have the solution for you.