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A pool or spa is a considerable investment and solar heating is a great way to maximise the use and enjoyment you get from it. Naturally, it’s wise to make a well-informed decision on which solar system will work best and give you maximum access to a warm pool with minimum expense.

Supreme Heating has a range of solar heating products designed to minimise running costs and CO? emissions and is proud to announce the introduction of the Heatseeker Maxi system into its range.The Heatseeker Maxi system is ideal for indoor, lap pool and spa applications, where year round heating is required. This high performance system can be mounted on a frame, making it ideal for any roof, and needs only 40 per cent of the area of a traditional strip system to duplicate its performance.

The key component of this system is the evacuated tube, which consists of two glass tubes. The outer tube is made of extremely strong transparent glass, which is able to resist hail up to 25mm in diameter. The inner tube is also made from borosilicate glass, but is coated with a special selective coating developed at the University of Sydney. A properly designed evacuated tube system can provide energy savings of more than 50 per cent depending on where you are situated in Australia, saving you thousands of dollars annually.

The traditional Heatseeker elliptical tube strip system, known as Heatseeker Plus, is ideal for seasonal outdoor use and is very cost-effective in making cold water warm. State-of-the-art automation and pumping add to the reputation of its outstanding performance and reliability.

Unlike solar heating, you don’t need the sun to swim with pool heat pumps. Pool heat pumps, delivering up to five times more energy in heat than it consumes in electricity, are the perfect heating solution for pool owners located in regions of Australia where natural gas is unavailable.

Pool covers are a must-have addition to your swimming pool or spa. Supreme Heating’s innovative range of Heatseeker Diamond bubble-shape pool covers will ensure your pool or spa meets modern day ecological requirements.

The Diamond bubble-shape allows for closing spacing and therefore greater heat retention, saving on energy normally used to run auxiliary heating systems. Couple this with reducing the amount of pool water evaporation and you can be confident you’re doing your bit to reduce energy consumption around your pool.

Outstanding performance, a proven track record, and the latest cutting-edge environmentally friendly products available – Supreme Heating has all bases covered.


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