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Leisure Pools Featured

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  • Address: 339 Great Eastern Highway, Redcliffe
  • Phone: (08) 9478 5255



Imagine your smaller backyard with the same resort-style plunge pool specifically designed for a luxury hotel in Fiji by leisure Pools.

A large order recently commissioned for a Fijian resort has just made its way into the leisure Pools’ product line-up. Perfectly proportioned for today’s smaller spaces and fittingly called ‘The Fiji Plunge’, this beautiful little pool is the ideal addition to any small space. its formal design with a wide-sitting bench along one wall allows for total relaxation and the deep and generously-sized wading area provides a place to cool down on a hot day. spa jets can also be added to the bench for the ultimate relaxation package.

At just 2.9m long and 2.1m wide, the Fiji Plunge is suitable for any modern, compact backyard. its bench seat specifications also allow the pool to be conveniently installed very close to a house or boundary fence.

Additional plunge pool options that can fit into small areas without compromise include the beautiful Platinum Plunge choice of pools, which have a 3.5m width and range from 3.5m–4.98m in length. The ‘Harmony’ range is available from 5m–8m in length and a handy 2.9m width, and the ‘espirit’ is 5.7m long and 2.25m wide.

Combining superior manufacturing and installation processes, leisure Pools is one of Perth’s most respected and trusted fibreglass swimming pool builders and installers, and supplies pools up to 12m in length.

These plunge pool options add to the range of swimming pools already offered to the discerning clients of this local and family-operated company. established in 2005, leisure Pools provides pools that are perfect for social gatherings of family and friends, or to simply relax and enjoy on your own.

The range offered by leisure Pools will change your thinking on what a luxury small pool should be. limited space does not mean limited choice or any compromise in the final outcome – small can equal luxurious. if you are questioning whether your space is too small, check out the range at leisure Pools because chances are, the team will have a solution for you.

leisure Pools’ engineer-preferred installation process offers buyers three significant reasons as to why they can expect a superior fibreglass swimming pool. Firstly, all pools are backfilled with stabilised sand and cement mix. secondly, a concrete bond beam with steel reinforcement is poured around the pool’s edge during installation – vital for a problem-free pool. lastly, every pool is supported by a factory-backed lifetime structural and osmosis guarantee. These are unique to leisure Pools and are very important when considering the biggest investment in a garden.

The company’s aim is complete client satisfaction with every installation, and it achieves this through exceptional attention to detail and a factory-backed lifetime guarantee. A new display centre at 55 Winton Road, Joondalup has several pools for viewing in a relaxed lifestyle setting.


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Combining superior manufacturing and installation processes, Leisure Pools has become one of Perth’s most respected and trusted boutique swimming pool builders and installers.

Always innovative with cutting-edge technological advancements, Leisure Pools takes pride in offering the new ‘Composite Armour’ swimming pool. A brand new technology in composite swimming pool manufacturing, this patented new technology is designed to significantly reinforce the composite swimming pool with a strategically integrated laminate that consists of DuPont Kevlar aramid fibre, carbon fibre and basalt fibre. Leisure Pools refers to it as its “core of strength”.

DuPont Kevlar is used in bulletproof vests, body armour, military vehicles, wind turbines and aerospace applications. Carbon fibre and basalt fibre are used in aerospace and high performance automotive applications. By using ‘Composite Armour’ in the pool shell laminate, Leisure Pools has been able to achieve tremendous improvements in flexural and tensile strength, compared with traditionally constructed fibreglass pools. DuPont Kevlar is a registered trademark of DuPont.

Locally-owned and family-operated, Leisure Pools was established in 2005 when owner Lee Van Bruchem recognised the need for a premium fibreglass pool builder and installer in Western Australia. The company’s trained and knowledgeable pool design staff members understand how important the decision of choosing a pool is for any homeowner.

The company believes that careful consideration should be given to the whole process, so begins by ensuring that adequate time is available to spend with each client, and provides relevant information to assist clients with their decision.

Every Leisure Pools product is manufactured with the best quality and most advanced raw materials available in individually temperature-controlled booths. Leisure Pools employs a polymer chemist who tests raw materials received against benchmarked materials. In addition to this, a sample of every pool manufactured goes through stringent testing in the Leisure Pools technical centre.

Leisure Pools’ ‘engineer preferred’ installation process eliminates pool movement and other problems associated with fibreglass swimming pool installations. It involves the use of a combination of stabilised fill, concrete and steel during installation, which is vital for a problem-free pool. The benefits of this process are many, not the least of which is superior value for money.

From start to finish, the Leisure Pools team will work with you to find the perfect pool to suit your home. The company’s aim is complete client satisfaction with every installation, and it achieves this through exceptional attention to detail.