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Oceanic Pools Featured

Oceanic Pools
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Boasting a striking aesthetic, it’s hard to believe this stunning pool was once less than appealing. Renovated and revitalised by Oceanic Pools, the featured pool now stands out thanks to its new vinyl liner, poured floating concrete surrounds including a specially-designed combination of white quartz and black marbling, and seamless integration with the existing home. On top of aesthetics, the pool is also now energy and water-efficient, and has been installed with a state-of-the-art filtration system.

At the planning stage of the renovation, the homeowners requested a low-maintenance pool that would have strong visual appeal from inside the home, as there were views of the outdoor area from most internal rooms. Family fun and exercise was also a high priority, as was an environmentally friendly pool that ensured a low carbon footprint.

The design was a collaboration between the homeowners, Oceanic Pools and Simon from Walliston Concrete. A number of three-way planning sessions took place, and everyone offered input and suggestions before the final renovation plan was agreed upon. Progress meetings also took place throughout the building process to ensure everyone worked to the same schedule and the finished product met everyone’s expectations.

The pool has been completely restored, with all new fittings, pipe work, skimmer box and equipment installed. The new filtration system uses less chemicals and meets the requirements of the World Health Organisation to pass as drinking water!

A heavy-duty vinyl liner, in dark blue with a black fleck, was custom measured to the pool to ensure the homeowners could keep the original shape and size of the pool. This liner was chosen because the surface is non-corrosive, easy to keep clean and repels black spot and algae. It was also selected because of the soft feeling underfoot.

With careful and well thought-out planning, the pool is now also environmentally friendly, storing and collecting water in winter for use on the garden in summer. All rainwater that falls onto the roof of the house and balcony slopes into the swimming pool, and any overflow from the swimming pool flows into two, 15000-litre storage tanks which are used to reticulate the property. The sanitation system uses a silver copper ionising process which filters the water, therefore, the water is able to be 100 per cent recycled and reused around the property.

Oceanic Pools specialises in renovations, focusing on both vinyl-lined pool renovations and also converting concrete pools into vinyl-lined pools. The company builds a small number of new pools each year, but averages about 30 to 40 renovations per year. It also provides the service of assisting customers to install vinyl lined kit pools.

The company has been in operation since 2007, and was started by Richard Marshall and Leighton Smith, who left the business in 2010 to return to running his previous business Leighton Landscaping. Smith continues to work closely with Richard at Oceanic Pools in servicing the landscaping requirements of pool and backyard renovations.