Aaron East Landscaping & Garden Design

In early 2011, Aaron East and his wife, Shannon, submitted an application for The Block 2011, an Australian reality television series on the Nine Network that follows four couples as they compete against each other to renovate houses.

Following a series of interviews, the couple were selected as one of the top eight couples to appear on the series, and were the only couple representing Western Australia. A surprise 24-hour challenge saw Aaron and Shannon eliminated after competing head-to-head against Josh and Jenna.

Though they were eliminated, Aaron and Shannon were lucky enough to be invited to return on several occasions throughout the series. Undoubtedly the highlight was the invitation to design and execute the landscaping for Josh and Jenna.

Although Josh and Jenna were located in Melbourne and Aaron and Shannon were in Perth, current technology enabled them to still communicate face to face. The main challenge was designing a garden that was in line with Josh and Jenna’s vision, yet also within their very limited budget.

The design brief was to produce a traditional garden to complement the heritage front facade, with a rear entertaining area to provide a traditional and sustainable living space whilst in proportion with the hardscape.

In a short space of time, Aaron provided a design consistent with the brief and was promptly invited to relocate to Melbourne to construct the garden. A 48-hour timeframe was given from commencement to completion. Aaron immediately commenced placing orders for materials, plants and equipment to ensure no time was lost upon arrival.

Aaron arrived in Melbourne at midnight, and following a few hours of sleep was immediately confronted with the extensive amount of work that was ahead. Not only were there time constraints, but there were also many interruptions including constant interviews, camera crews in tow, production crew everywhere and a stream of other trades on-site.

Day one consisted of working solo to complete the planned landscaping works. Aaron’s objective was to complete all noisy tasks prior to the council noise restriction cut-off period. This ensured he could continue to work throughout the night on other tasks without holdup. At the end of the working day (3am the following morning), Aaron had completed the earthworks and the bulk of the paving.

On day two, the pressure was building with the cut off only 24 hours away. Aaron completed the paving, removed the existing clay, installed new soil and plants and did the final clean-up ready for judging.

The final judging was done by Neale Whitaker, chief editor of Belle and John McGrath, real estate guru. They awarded the garden design and execution an impressive score of 18.5 out of 20.

Out of the 48-hour timeframe given to complete the work, 44 hours were used to complete the task. Aaron and Shannon were both extremely proud of the final result that was produced in such a challenging environment.

As business owners, the intense experience reinforced the respect Aaron and Shannon have for their amazing team in Western Australia. Day in day out, the team at Aaron East Landscaping & Garden Design is dedicated, hard working, professional and consistently delivers quality in each and every project undertaken.