Graziani Pools – SPASA Awards 2018

Renovation Residential over $25,000

Graziani Pools was awarded both Gold and Silver for the SPASA Renovation Residential over $25,000.

Renovation Residential over $25,000 - Gold

Renovation Residential over $25,000 – Gold

Renovation Residential over $25,000 - Silver

Renovation Residential over $25,000 – Silver

Graziani Pools:

“This pool was renovated to provide the long-lasting, low-maintenance result that the clients requested. With fantastic city views, a swim-up bar and an infinity edge, the new pool is an at-home getaway that’s perfect for entertaining guests. The existing pool had been severely leaking and was difficult to maintain. To fix these issues, we waterproofed the concrete shell several times, and replaced the glass panels with a durable concrete material. Mosaic tiles feature throughout the interior for a cohesive and relaxing aesthetic.”

Concrete Spa Residential

Graziani Pools was awarded Bronze for the SPASA Concrete Spa Residential

Concrete Spa Residential - Bronze

Renovation Residential over $25,000 – Gold

Water Feature

Graziani Pools was awarded Silver for the SPASA Water Feature

Water Feature - Silver

Water Feature – Silver