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Pool Blanket Boxes

Pool blankets are necessary for keeping your pool warm, ultimately making it more energy-efficient, however they can often be unsightly; enter Pool Blanket Boxes. Pool Blanket Boxes is a Western Australian-owned and operated company that was established in 2007 and provides homeowners with stylish solutions to unattractive pool covers.

Homeowners can choose between above-ground and in-ground boxes. The above-ground box can double as seating, making it ideal for homeowners that love to entertain. They can also be used as storage not only hiding away the blankets and rollers but the pool accessories as well. They come in a variety of cladding options, with powder-coated and timber-look aluminium being the most popular choice.

The in-ground boxes tuck seamlessly into the ground making them perfect for pool areas with limited space. They are made from a single marine-grade aluminium sheet, and the lid can be decked to suit the homeowners’ taste. Timber decking is a popular choice, however, when it comes to the in-ground boxes, homeowners can choose aluminium for a finish that is maintenance-free and lasts significantly longer than natural wood.

Pool Blanket Boxes also offers filter enclosures to hide those noisy pumps, unsightly pipes and electronic controllers. Extra insulation is also available to adhere to individual shire regulations. All enclosures are custom-designed and built, allowing homeowners full access to the pool’s filtration system.

Pool Blanket Boxes employs three full-time workers and can produce up to 150 custom-built boxes per year. With plans to expand its premises to accommodate the ever increasing demand for its products, it is a growing business that takes pride in providing a truly personal service. Not only are the products custom-designed and built, but each homeowner can be confident they will deal directly with the company owner.


Pool Blanket Boxes

4/12 Bushby Street
Tel: (08) 9250 6872
Mobile: 0409 290 090
Email: info@poolblanketboxes.com.au
Website: www.poolblanketboxes.com.au