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Primo Pools

This great family-friendly pool was carefully constructed by Primo Pools with the clients’ young children in mind. Benches and safety steps were added to the sides of the pool to create the perfect space for recreation and relaxation.

Primo Pools strategically installed the Theralux Advanced Mineral Pool system so that no harmful chemicals are required to sanitise the pool water. The pool’s white waterline tiles and frameless glass fencing generate a modern and timeless aesthetic that’s cohesive with the newly constructed house.

With plenty of space available, the large pool was able to be constructed without compromising on design and functionality. While excavating, Primo Pools was required to dewater as the property is situated on a high water table.

Comprised of a team with 26 years of combined experience, Primo Pools is a boutique pool construction company that strongly believes in quality over quantity. The family-owned and -operated Perth-based company has a strong focus on providing its customers with something special and unique, and will work closely with you to ensure every requirement is met.

Primo Pools builds approximately 25 pools per year, which means that your project will be carefully taken care of by the company’s professional team. Whether you’re after a space in which to entertain, relax or exercise, Primo Pools has the knowledge, experience and skill set to transform the vision of your dream pool into a beautiful reality.


Primo Pools

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