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Barrier Reef Pools Project 2

Barrier Reef Pools combined a 7.5m x 4.4m pool from their ‘Manhattan’ range with a contemporary spa to create this striking outdoor area. The company worked in collaboration with landscape designers outside in to ensure the beautiful Hampton-inspired space featured lush greenery throughout.

The shower wall features maintenance-free aluminium details and provides added privacy from the neighbouring property. The slatted-timber day bed is painted white to coincide with the Hamptons aesthetic that the client requested.

The integrated spa is a relaxing addition to the space, and can also be isolated from the pool. A shallow area is included near the spa, which allows the pool to be enjoyed by the whole family.

The stunning ‘Royal Jade shimmer’ interior of both the pool and spa contrast exquisitely with the surrounding dark- grey granite paving. Frameless glass fencing allows the beauty of the outdoor space to be enjoyed from within the home through its floor-to-ceiling windows.
The blade water feature is constructed as part of the raised flower bed, which allows it to be admired from within the interior living areas. An AstralPool electric heat pump creates the perfect swimming environment at any time, while the eQuilibrium Chlorinator ensures the water remains pristine.

Since the pool occupies most of the space in the narrow backyard, the team at Barrier Reef Pools were required to dig by hand and use a 52m crane to install it. The weight of the large water feature/flower bed is supported by three concrete pillars, which are connected to the pool’s main concrete beam.


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