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Softub Australia

Softub Australia has seen remarkable success with its affordable and stylish American-made hot tubs since they were brought to the Australian market. Kevin Donaghy founded a Softub Australia store in Western Australia and attracts regular clientele with his quality workmanship and impeccable customer service.

Softub Australia offers unique hot tub designs that combine elegance and functionality. Built from lightweight materials, the company’s tubs can be easily set up by anyone.

As all of Softub Australia hot tubs are easily relocated and simple to install, they are the perfect place to relax and unwind no matter where you are. The hot tubs can even be rolled into difficult sites, allowing a freedom that is truly unique to Softub Australia. The team can install your new tub in a variety of spaces from your backyard to your balcony!

Softub Australia’s products are equipped with an intelligent and ecological heat recovery system that keeps the water at an ideal temperature year-round, so you can enjoy your tub no matter the season.

Featuring a durable Leathertex exterior and a comfortable, barrier-free interior, Softub Australia’s tubs are made of extremely soft materials so you can soak for as long as you want to, without feeling sore. The company’s range of surrounding furniture allows friends and family to stay dry without being excluded as you relax in the tub, which creates the perfect entertaining space.

All tubs include a Hydromate system with smartchip controls, which is a patented heat-recovery system that directs the heat from the circulation pumps to the water as a way to reduce electricity expenses. With an included spa cover and new modern colours, Softub Australia tubs allow you to customise your experience, are affordable and provide low running costs.


Softub Australia

222 Cowen Street
Tel: (08) 9525 9439
Mobile: 0415 896 537
Email: info@softub.com.au
Website: www.softub.com.au