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This outdoor space needed to be a place for the family to relax throughout summer, while still accommodating the needs of young children. This pool, designed by sterns Pools and built by Poolmaster Pools, includes a walk-in slimline step, which is great for the safety of little kids, and the parents can easily watch from the sidelines. The swimming pool was perfectly positioned to one side of the backyard, which ensures the kids have ample space to play on the large grassed area.

The timber decking perfectly complements the pool’s surroundings and gives it a relaxed and pleasant feeling. The entire area is large, spacious and ideal for year-round entertaining, particularly for large gatherings or families with young children.

The pool comes complete with high-quality technology, including a variable speed pump, glass media filtration and a daisy solar blanket pool cover, which maximises heat retention and eliminates 97 per cent of pool water evaporation.

Sterns Pools has been manufacturing and supplying superior modular pools to Australian homes for more than three decades. A family-run company, the team is passionate about providing homeowners with the finest in modular pool design, to ensure satisfaction in their investment for years to come.

Proudly Australian, sterns Pools’ products are manufactured locally using Australian steel. Thanks to its excellent quality and numerous awards, Sterns Pools’ designs have been exported worldwide, including to Europe, the Middle east, Asia and the Pacific to meet the demands of a growing market.

Servicing across Western Australia, Poolmaster Pools specialises in modular vinyl swimming pools with steel/resin frames. Building approximately 150 pools per year, the company continues to deliver quality products and outstanding customer care. There’s a lot to consider throughout the pool design and construction process, but you’ll be in safe hands with both Sterns Pools and Poolmaster Pools at the helm.



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