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A pool or spa is a considerable investment, and solar heating is a great way to maximise the use and enjoyment you get from it. Naturally, it’s wise to make a well-informed decision on which solar system will work best for you and give you maximum access to a warm pool with minimal expense.

Within its range of innovative, energy-efficient and cost-effective heating products, Supreme Heating’s new Heatseeker uniPanel system is an extremely reliable, high-performance rigid panel that’s ideal for Australia’s harsh climate. it can handle extreme temperatures, is low-maintenance, easy to operate, and cockatoo and hail proof. Heatseeker uniPanel solar pool heating is capable of increasing your water temperature by approximately ten degrees, ensuring you and your family get maximum fun, value and exercise out of your pool.

Supreme Heating is proud to include the Heatseeker Nova inverter heat pump in its range; a winner at the 2016 Swimming Pool and Spa association (SPASA) awards of excellence. chosen by an expert panel of judges from among numerous awards entrants, the Heatseeker Nova inverter heat pump demonstrated the best energy savings and was awarded gold in the Product Sustainability category.

The award-winning Heatseeker Nova is an inverter heat pump designed to efficiently and consistently heat your pool year-round, while using up to 30 per cent less electricity. the inverter heat pump heats your swimming pool water using the same principles of a reverse cycle air-conditioner that heats your home. the warmer it is, the better it works.

Solar pool covers are also a must-have addition to your swimming pool or spa. once you have heated your pool, a solar cover will ensure it stays warm. Supreme Heating’s innovative Heatseeker diamond-shaped bubble solar covers will increase heat retention, eliminate evaporation and reduce running costs in terms of maintenance and pool chemical consumption.

Supreme Heating is the industry leader in commercial pool heating solutions. in 2016, the company received numerous awards at both state and national level for its Heatseeker Maxi at the Bold Park aquatic centre (pictured above), within the categories of Sustainable Product of the Year and Sustainable Project of the Year.


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