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Talking Trends

Articles From Issue 14

Updating your outdoor area can refresh your entire home, but where do you start?
With a vast array of aquatic options on the market, everything from environmental factors to stylistic preferences ought to be considered.

To help, Pamela Hale interviews winners of the 2018 Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) Western Australia Awards of Excellence about the latest design trends in the industry.

Enviroswim - Phil Jones

Co-founder and executive director of
Enviroswim, Phil Jones, talks…


The Low-Down: There’s been a shift towards cleaner living across the board with more emphasis being placed on the state of our environment and its impact on our health. This has transcended into the pool industry with more people opting to eliminate chemicals from their pools. This is apparent in the increased number of pool owners making purchases of cleaner, greener and safer alternatives to chlorine and saltwater sanitation systems.

Strengths: A true freshwater system removes the need for pool stabiliser, minimises a pool’s impact on urban salinity, and eliminates most chemicals known to cause serious health issues. For instance, the Enviroswim system will reduce a pool’s carbon footprint by reducing pump run times by up to 50 per cent.

Weaknesses: The market is becoming saturated with freshwater sanitation systems, but not all products are created equal. It’s important that pool owners research and understand what is required to keep a freshwater pool not only crystal clear, but safe, using effective sanitation methods.

The Verdict: Perfect for anyone who is sensitive to chlorine, or tired of red stinging eyes, the Enviroswim system offers a safer and more eco-friendly alternative to chlorine or saltwater sanitation, and can be fitted to any pool.

Just Spas, John Pandelis

National sales manager of
Just Spas, John Pandelis talks…


Pro Tip: Pools, spas and swim spas are constantly evolving to adapt to consumer needs. If you want to create an amazing water feature in your backyard, a spa, swim spa or urban pool should definitely be considered during the purchasing process.
The Low-Down: We have seen an increased demand for more simplistic pool and spa designs, such as ‘urban’ pools and swim spas, which can be built into an existing deck. With the size of house blocks decreasing, many homeowners are seeking smaller units of 2.3m in width and anywhere between 4m and 8m in length to better suit their needs.

Strengths: The benefits of an urban pool – without compromising on features or functionality – include clean top edges and no unsightly controls around the perimeter. Secondly, being able to tile or deck over the edge means the pool will blend better into the surrounding environment. Urban pools can also be used throughout the year with reduced running costs.

Weaknesses: Urban pools and swim spas are only available in limited colours and finishes due to the size of the acrylic sheet used in the current manufacturing process. Homeowners also need to be mindful of freight costs, as this typically incurs an additional fee.

The Verdict: Perfect for smaller backyards, urban pools and swim spas are ideal for those with limited yard space, and those who want the visual appeal of a pool with the features, convenience and practicality that swim spas have to offer.

Bay Pools & Spas, Neil Brett

Managing director of
Bay Pools & Spas, Neil Brett talks…


The Low-Down: Over the past year, we have noticed a shift towards creating outdoor environments that incorporate a vast array of elements and products to enhance the overall visual impact of the area. Combining different types of decking with decorative paving such as terrazzo has proven popular, as has the inclusion of fire pits and lavish water features.

Strengths: Including a diverse mix of luxurious finishing touches within your outdoor area will create a more enjoyable environment. Adding practical features such as alfresco kitchens and lounge areas will make the space a great location for outdoor living and entertaining.

Weaknesses: Incorporating a large amount of features into your outdoor living area will require more care and attention on your part to ensure they maintain their modern appeal.

The Verdict: All-inclusive alfresco environments are ideal for homeowners who are building a new residence and would like to utilise the exterior spaces as much as the interiors.