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Quality Dolphin Pools

Located on the first level of this unique Applecross residence, this contemporary spa was designed in collaboration with Urbane Projects to enhance the alfresco area, which overlooks the Swan River. Taking advantage of breathtaking city views, the spa features two large glass panels fitted by Cooling Brothers, which enhance the sense of space and allows the aquatic action to be viewed from below. The spa’s surface is fully tiled in Amalfi Tiles for a sleek and modern look.

For ease of use, the spa has been equipped with a Viron Connect 10 Control System and a Viron eQuilibrium Saltwater Chlorinator. The inclusion of an AstralPool heat pump ensures the spa is perfectly heated, while the addition of a Viron 250 eVo Gas Heater helps raise the temperature quickly if required. Two Multi Plus lights from Spa Electrics were also installed, allowing the homeowners to use their new spa whenever they please.

The epitome of luxury, eight spa jets were incorporated into the spa’s seating, while 16 air jets were installed into the floor, creating an ideal space for relaxation.

Established in 1971, Quality Dolphin Pools is a family-owned and -operated concrete pool construction and restoration company based in Perth. The team has been designing, constructing and restoring quality pools for more than 44 years, and prides itself on its meticulous attention to detail, honesty, reliability and commitment to excellent workmanship.

The dedicated team of professionals strive to ensure every swimming pool meets the exact requirements of its clients. Quality Dolphin Pools never compromises quality for cost and will take great pride in creating your backyard oasis.

Quality Dolphin Pools has established itself as one of the most highly respected swimming pool companies in Western Australia. The company has won several industry awards, including the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Western Australia (SPASA) Pool of the Year in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

This project was named winner of the Concrete Spa – Residential and Innovative Pool and/or Spa categories at the 2019 SPASA WA Awards of Excellence. It also won the National Spa of the Year and In-Ground Spa categories at the 2019 SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence as well.


Quality Dolphin Pools

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