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Quality Dolphin Pools Project 1

The clients of this beautiful West-Australian property needed a pool that would have enough space for the children to play, as well as for the adults to relax in and swim laps for exercise. To achieve this, half of the existing pool was cut out to create a new section that leads to the gymnasium and pool bar, and the existing water feature was cut in half with a new section added onto it. The steps entering the pool were also widened to create a larger wading and relaxation area. To add to the pool’s aesthetic, the team at Quality Dolphin Pools added four new LED lights in the pool, two laminar jets, an LED water blade, two water feature pumps and ten stepping stones that were tiled and custom-made with Bermuda shell. Two murals made with Fremantle Stone’s copper cladding and LED strip lighting were also placed behind the water feature.

For extra safety, the pool area can be viewed directly from the living room without any obstructions, allowing the parents to watch their children around the water. To ensure the pool could be used throughout the year, Quality Dolphin Pools also included a gas heater, which maximises its entertainment value and the clients’ investment. With the help of the stunning murals and The Pool Tile Company’s beautiful waterline tiles and step edging, the team at Quality Dolphin Pools created a pool area that is something truly special. The team really outdid itself with the remarkable transformation.

Specialising in concrete pool design and renovation, Quality Dolphin Pools builds approximately 120 pools per year. With more than 40 years of industry experience, this award-winning company has been recognised for its commitment to service and excellent workmanship at the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) awards. Never compromising quality for cost, the company has built a solid reputation that has seen it produce spectacular residential pools. Quality Dolphin Pools is dedicated to providing its clients with exceptional results in both quality and appearance.


Quality Dolphin Pools

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